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EXERCIS EXERCISE EXERCISE: Two (Power Co folks unannounced annual) trespassers from a moment ago... love Spartan.


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Keene, OH
Man this went a couple different ways.
Whenever the power company comes on my property they leave notice on the door knob for me to sign.
Anyone crossing a locked gate on to private property with out prior notice is trespassing.
20 somethings know they are breaking the law, if not they need to be educated.


Man. Seriously sideways.


Senior Member
My mushroom and Raspberry trespassers are the worst. They leave nothing for me. Every few years we have an unannounced deer drive on our property. Not much I can do living 120 miles away. Part of property ownership.


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Grove City
Just for arguments sake let’s say these two were two stupid 20 something year olds trying to make a quick buck, would you really want them to get felonies and ruin the rest of their lives? I could see my 18 year old students doing something like this, not trying to justify and trespassing just giving a hypothetical different point of view I guess
Umm...if they committed felonies, yea...I'd want them to get felonies.