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Fall Restraint and Lowering System


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Allen County
A decent price for this product, at $69.97. :cool:
It's reusable, so it could double as a quicker and safer way to get out of a treestand too. :unsure:

Your thoughts?


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Davie County, NC
As a fall restraint and a way too get too the ground safely after a fall, is what it’s designed for. If i read your post right you’re thinking it can be used in place of sticks on a hang on for getting down easier? That’s not it’s intent. Repeated use of it would degrade the working parts and I’d be Leary of doing that. A couple of actual uses after falls are one thing, but repeated use isn’t its intent. IMHO...


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Totally agree with J and Dave... It's not to be used as a way to get down... It's main purpose is a safety device... Would I buy it??? I doubt it... Lately I always use a " lifeline" and am attached to tree from the time I leave the ground till I return... Remember always to have 3 points of contact when climbing... When putting up climbing sticks along with straps supplied with them I always add ratchet straps half way up and esp. at top... I don't want ladder stick moving even slightly when I step off stand to steps... I also screw in a screw in step above stand so I have something to grab onto when getting in and out of stand....


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Southeast Ohio
With hunting harnesses, the actual tether that's attached to the harness is the part that is designed to absorb the shock of the fall. The stitched folds in the tether are designed to come unstitched absorbing the shock, and reducing the strain of a fall. Hence the reason you should retire a harness if you ever have a fall.

With this device, it is a ladder rack with a brake. It is meant for descent only. The actual hardware should be fine in the event of a fall, but depending on the webbing rating, it may need to be replaced after a substantial fall.
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