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familiar topic


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Crawford county
this is a familiar topic but I am a little curious myself...

what do you consider "necessary" Items in your packs? wether its for hunting, survival, or just to have in there. what do you take with you?

I keep a 3 compertment pack, with additional pockets and hidy holes, in the main compartment I keep;
bow hanger
thermacell (at least until it gets cold)
gloves and neck gater (after it gets cold)
bottle of water
possibly a snack if I intend to stay on stand all day

in the middle compartment;
tags, permission slips,lic.
knife, plastic bags, string, pen...(dressing and tagging stuff)
tree hooks
reg book
tree saw and pruners

in the outer compartment;
nylon rope
reflective markers

in addition to these items I also have several small compartments that contain
grunt tube
small flask (I think you know what thats for)
hand warmers
a couple screw in tree steps
(I actually put those in my pocket when I'm in stand, incase I fall I can screw them in and get back in my stand)
magnesium firestarter (just in case)
wind indicater

I think its a fairly complete pack. I probably have things in there that I dont really need. I guess if I'm forgetting something I'll find out soon enough.


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Southeast Ohio
I try to go in with the least amount of stuff I could possibly need.

Bow Hanger
Hook for quiver
Range finder
Tags/License/Permission slips
Small Pruning Saw

That's about it. I will pack a snack and water if I'm gonna be out all day, but I try to keep my pack as light as possible.

When I get some time, I'm gonna get this pack built that I've been talking about doing up for a while now. It would be a small chest pack, around 7"x10"x2" deep that will universally strap onto backpack straps to carry into your stand. It will have quick release buckles allowing for you to remove it once you reach your stand. you could also use the same straps to strap it onto your stand when you carry it in, and you could also strap it to the tree once you were in your stand. It's nothing special, but with me packing my stand and sticks in on my back everytime I go in the woods, I don't really have a good way to carry extra gear in. This would allow me to carry a pack in on my chest attached to my treestand backpack straps, then remove it once I get to my stand...


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Norton, OH
I have a pack from gander that converts from a backpack to a fanny pack. Really comfortable, but it has turned into my walking/gun hunting pack because it isn't big enough to fit my bow hanger in it.


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Nope, I will not stoop to a fanny pack. Never really cared for them. Besides, I'm trying to figure out a way to make a buck in the outdoor bidness.

Post you're slings in the new deals and steals section. And for Christ sakes redo your avatar,
Looks more like a cock ring than a wrist sling.. .... :smiley_crocodile:


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Quote Originally Posted by Jackalope View Post
Post you're slings in the new deals and steals section. And for Christ sakes redo your avatar,
Looks more like a cock ring than a wrist sling.. ....
That's what it is, gez. Having people return hem with chafing issues...

Time to change your policy to "NO RETURNS".

Unless you like that sorta thing. hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha


Tatonka guide.
bottle of water, bow hanger, binos, rope and cell phone.... trying to get very simple


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I carry a lot of things that have been mentioned above. A few others would be handheld Yahtzee for those all day sits, my camera, and toilet paper. I agree with Greg that it's nice to keep supplies at a minimum... but there's always going to be something you could use at any given time... preparedness is always good... hence, I carry a lot of shit in my pack. :D


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I pack in too much shit. I just like to be prepared and I'm big enough to carry a few extra pounds, so I've never seen the reason to cut back...

Bow hanger
Gutting knife
Digital camera
Hooyman 5' Saw
Water and snacks
Head lamp and extra batteries.
Tags, License, Slips, Pen and zip ties in a Ziploc bag.
Piss bottle. I have the bladder of a 5 year old on a road trip.
Thermacell in the early season and warmers in the late season.

I also wear a Primos Bowhunter Vest and carry in that…

Pull rope
Bleat can
Grunt call
Wind checker
Lineman’s belt
Gloves and facepaint
2 small, handy-dandy folding bow hooks I found in PA. (They fold to the size of my thumb.)

Told ya I carry a lot of shit!!!


Tatonka guide.
I am giving up game calls and decoys from here on out.. i may have a doe decoy up for sale soon.


*Hims a Super Moderator*
I am giving up game calls and decoys from here on out.. i may have a doe decoy up for sale soon.

Dang Ho - get rid of that doe decoy - it will cause the dominate doe in the area to move - on - i set one up once and the li'll herd i have as regulars came out in the evening as usual and when they saw that decoy - they went nutz and checked it out from a distance and tooked off - dang - jus say'n
My pack for bowhunting.

bag, rain jacket, cord for tieing on the temp tag, pen, survayors tape, flash light, 25 feet of para cord, spare release, gerber field dressing knife I have had for years and never have used, Scharde sheath knife I have used a lot, and cliff bars.