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Fawns 2024!

I've not seen any fawns, yet. Seen a few groundhog pups, so I guessed that the rest of the new born critters must be on the ground too. :unsure:
It would be a good time to trim up a few coyotes, before the pups are up and walking around. Those extra mouths are gonna put pressure on the parents to kill more easy targets. :mad:
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Still looking full here😂


I don't see me ever returning to that shithole. I knew better, I just don't think the kid did and he was dead set on buying the truck. I saved his ass. Frame was rusted out and it needed the motor pulled out. I posted in the "pet peeves" thread about the experience. 😡
Hopefully lesson learned on his part, way to steer him clear. Pennsylvania can just annex it 😂
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