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Finally found where everyone migrated too


Senior Member
Athens County
Long time lurker, occasional poster from other sites. I can say I have never really contributed much other than late night posts after drinking too many beers. Trying to stray away from that lately, the posting part anyway.

Ive by far have had my greatest year of hunting and bank alot of my success on stuff I have read/learned from some of you people the last couple years.

I havent filled my buck tag yet but have been playing cat and mouse with one deer the entire season and have passed on some deer I would have never dreamed of passing in past years.

I had the "ghost" buck under 20 yards on November 9th(i think that was the date) chasing a doe. Long story short, I killed the sh*t out of a tree. It was painful. Laughed, cried, laughed more because I was crying, then really started crying.

Im hoping he made it through slug season and that I'm lucky enough to get another crack at him. I got a new blind in the mail and am planning on spending alot of time in it the next couple months.

Hope all is well with everyone, dont mind me I'll just be lurking.



Senior Member
You drop the hammer on your first bow kill yet capt?

No but I'm trying! I had a rookie mistake and missed a doe under my stand during my fall break in mid-Oct and then hunted a lot during Thanksgiving break without drawing back (check out my blog if you want the whole story).

It's a thrill and I love it though! Thankfully I get a month off from the 22nd through the first three wks of January so it will be smokepole and late season for me.