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first 40 plus pounder of the year

not really wanting to steal cottys glory , but mine could eat his ......lol
its also my personal best

47.6 pounds of the best looking uglyness you will ever see ....lol
hit cut 5 inch shad faught it for almost 10 minutes , boy was it fun

our pay lake isnt like a normal pay lake though , most pay lakes are worried bout how much money they can make , we worry more about the experience then the money , our fish arent over crowded and are very healthy , its almost 4 acres in size , only problem we have is keeping the bigger cats from making a meal out of the smaller cats , thats why we keep a good food base in the lake for them , and we keep it very family oriented , thats why there is a 2 1/2 acre lake with hybrid blue gills and bass in it so the kids can catch as many gills as they want