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First Buck On New Property


Junior Member
Cincy, East side
A year ago in July, my wife and I closed on cabin on 10 acres. It was a compromise for me because I really wanted acreage to hunt. I just didn't care about a house or cabin. But, it's what she needed to close the deal, so here we are!
I didn't hunt it at all last year, but I did spend a lot of time scouting, and we had it surveyed and marked. It's a very irregularly shaped parcel and I wanted to know the lines for the purpose of locating stands. Did I mention this is a loony story?

I cleared a 1/2 acre and planted a food plot, erected a ladder stand, put up a hang-on, erected an elevated blind, and located a prime place to use a climber.

This is the story of the "Short Bus Buck".

I took off this week to hunt what I thought would be "the week". I had no success Saturday thru Tuesday, although I did have a close encounter with 150 class buck Tuesday afternoon. I hunted Wednesday am in a deep hollow and saw nothing. Decided to hunt that evening on a wide bench on a steep hill on other side of creek, 1/2 mile from the cabin. I placed my climber there weeks ago and cable locked it to the tree. I got there at 3:00 and climbed up 25 ft. At 4:20 I hear heavy weight on leaves and turn to look when I hear "tink". It was a metal snap on my coat brushing the stand. The sound I heard coming was big bodied buck. When he heard the tink sound, he turned 180 and high-tailed it up the hill. I was pissed at myself because it would have been an easy 30 yd shot. I settled back and decided to stand with my back to the tree, the bow in front of me. I hit the can call 3 times, waited then grunted twice. I then did a snort-wheeze and waited. At 5:06 I heard a deer. It was the same buck coming down the same track! I put the bow up and as soon as he was in sight I let fly, hearing a sold thunk. He wheeled around and tore up the hill and turned left, disappearing from sight over the hill. I slowly got down and made my way to where I saw the lighted nock. Blood! I tracked him for 45 minutes and the trail just dried up. It was in a cedar forest and I just could' find him. I was sick. It was dark, and had left the bow at shot location with my lighted arrow. I prayed out loud for help to find the buck, and decide to walk a parallel line down the hill from where I last had blood. I walked maybe 40 yards and there was a buck deer laying there! It was my buck. I had hit him square in his left shoulder, and the broad head fully penetrated, exiting just under the right shoulder taking out both lungs. I was elated, but new I had a long night ahead. I quickly field dressed him and began dragging out and away from the gut pile. We have a lot of coyotes and I didn't want them near my deer. I had to leave the buck and retrieve my bow. I then hiked the 1/2 mile back to the cabin and got the SXS and drove the trail to creek. 1-1/2 hrs later I had him loaded and on the way home.

What a feeling to harvest a deer from my own property!

That balls pick is for Giles.