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First fish of 2015


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Walbridge oh
Good luck and let us know how it goes. East Harbor is definitely on my radar as well. Usually some nice 'gills in there.
Not a bad first day. The ice is about eight inches thick but the water is pretty cloudy right now. Got eighteen keepers between two of us in a couple hours. Will be going back later this week and on the weekend. There was no open water and the goose holes by the ramp are all froze over.


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I don't usually fish much throughout the year in general... but there's something about ice fishing that just fires me up. When the bite is good, it truly is a blast. I mean like jump around, giggle like a little school girl kind of fun. It's strange, really. I've caught shit loads of walleye in the spring during the jig bite, and flipping casting harnesses, and trolling spoons and crankbaits, and casting from piers, and everything in between... but I never get as excited as I do when I pull a fat walleye up through the ice. Dude it's a fuckin riot.