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First Fly Fishing Expedition


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Gods Country
Well I was fortunate enough to make it out and go fly fishing for the first time today. As self predicted if I went I would be hooked (punt intended). I have a mentor from church that is a fly fishing freak. He lives fly fishing like most of us live whitetails. He took me out on the Clear Fork River and we had a great time ended up catching two brown trout on my first time out. I for sure had a blast and now have to figure out a way to pay for all kinds of fly fishing equipment. LOL

Here is my first Fly fishing catch.
First Brown Trout.jpg


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Central Ohio
Nice! Fly fishing is a blast, I kinda wish I hadn't sold my equipment last year, but I did it to feed my bowhunting obsession. Wait till you start catching pond bass on top water poppers in the summer. Talk about fun!!


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Massillon, Ohio
you look like your doing the evil villain laugh.......MMMUUUUAAAHHHAHHHAHHAAAa...Look at the liiitttllle Fiish I caught.....MUWWWHAAAHAHAHAAHHA