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Fish arrowing a ground hog

I was bored this AM
So I went out to the marsh to see if I could shoot a few carp

I took the canoe out into a area where I normaly see a fair number of carp working the dike

I got a few when I saw a ground hog come out of his hole on the dike a little ways down

As I am always up for a chalange , I moved toward it

Darn thing never looked my way , but stood up and looked the other way
I to get about 10 yds or so away before I had a shot , so I shot it with the only arrow I had with me

The barbed fish arrow
The shot was a little low catching him tward the butt

Now things got interesting
It wanted to get back down its hole
I wanted my arrow back , so a tug of war started
With me loosing
As he was pulling the canoe tward his hole

So I jumped out of the canoe into the knee deep water and started pulling the ground hog my way

After a short while , I got him into the water
Much easyer to pull in when he didn't have any ground under himself

I got him close and then had to figure what to do next

Here I have a very pissed off ground hog , stuck on my arrow
Wanting to take a bite out of me

So I used the arrow and a paddle to hold it under water till it was dead
It felt like it took a hour for it to quit moveing , but I am sure it was only a few min

I collected the canoe and hunted carp for a while longer
I got 10 - 12 total , but no big ones

I figured you guys would get a good laugh out the big ground hog hunt



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