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Found in Amesville?


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Not sure where Amesville is, but the same dude that texted me the pics if "the Three Stooges" sent this pic as well. The message said "found last night in Amesville, Ohio hit by car."



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Amesville is a hop, skip and jump from Greg and I. Within the last three days, I have received pics of this deer three times. Two stories say Amesville and one says the it was found near the Mansfield Airport. Knowing the Amesville area, it is possible that it came from there. But I am leaning more towards Mansfield. I also received a trail cam pic and it looks familiar...


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Nice work dude. I knew that trail cam pic looked familiar. I was pretty damn sure it wasn't from Amesville either!!!

Ahhh shit... I knew that crab claw droptine looks awfully familiar. Next time I'll send it to my PC first to see a bigger picture. Funny how monster bucks get passed around these days... for years and years LOL.