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Friday Night Jukebox


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Some of you know that I tinker around in a band on the side. Well, I am in two bands now. My son, Klay, plays guitar in this one called 22 Breakdown. He came up with the guitar parts for this song and then the rest fell into place. Its on all the music outlets that you guys may use, so feel free to stream/download if you like it!

Also, if you like it, feel free to give us a follow and a like! The youtube page is brand new so not many followers yet.



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Keene, OH
Just chillin solo blues... beautiful clear tone. "If" you're of that kinda recreation, sativa and/or indica, you'll be glued to your post with indica.



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These guys were sneaky good. Tons of great songs, but not as mainstream as others from their era.



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SW Ohio
AJ and I go way back. Saw him 27 years ago when Tammy and I had just got married and 25 years later 2020 he came back for the first time since then to the same arena we both saw him in(US Bank arena) just before Covid hit but this time with our 2 daughters. Alan and I grew a family of girls together over those 25 years and when he played, Remember When, I looked towards Tammy with our 2 beautiful daughters sitting between us with tears in my eyes smiling. That full capacity crowd embraced the moment as well, ages 5-90, American pride and good ole country folk were all where we wanted to be….👍🏻😎❤️