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Friday Night Jukebox


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If you have not seen this already, then here you go. Pretty cool in my book!

I stolen the clip just so I could share it here without all the BS.


If you're interested in viewing it from within the original source. then please feel free to do so. I don't do FB.

Original source:
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SW Ohio


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01/11/23 - R.I.P. JEFF

Video description:

This video is in dedication to Jeff Beck, a legend in his own right and a long time favorite of mine. A video that I did a few years back that I made a part of my music playlist that I would like to reshare today, the day of his passing.

The original title of the video was THUNDER 0811, posted on my channel as unlisted and part of a tail camera music playlist of 2020, the trail camera captures are of a buck that I called Thunder and he was a regular visitor during that August. The description is just below. I hope you enjoy.

Another day of THUNDER. He showed up twice today. Once in the early morning hours, then again at sunrise, along with a fellow young buck and hungry Mr. Opossum.
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