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Friday Night Jukebox


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Columbiana County
Fat ass J!!!

That's it "J"
Little story on this one lol. Wife and kids got me an iPod before one of my deployments back around 04, my daughter and son knew the kind and outs with it already and I was preoccupied with other matters. Told them to stack it with whatever they wanted me to listen too.... They spend quite a bit of time on doing that. Talk about an eclectic variety of music lol. The wife bought a 12v charger that doubled as a radio adapter that I could play through the vehicle speakers while tuned to an off use channel.
I jammed with that thing for the next 10 years never adding another song too it... This song was one of my favorites and the guys who worked for me were amazed that I’d listen to it lmao.... Actually googled who they were as I was clueless lol.