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Friday Night Jukebox


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Columbiana County
I’m an eclectic mofo when it comes to music, I can listen too most music and not be bothered by it. I’ll even listen to some of the rock/rap crossover (see Lincoln Park) and even like Nickle Back lmao....

You post it I’ll probably listen too it.... When they started saying rap was rock is when all them lines started blurring and country ain’t immune too it....
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The thing about that stuff is that it's not country lol. Luke Bryan couldn't hunt a Butterball turkey in the deli section at Walmart, let alone wear a pair a jeans that weren't pre ripped.

As evident by his lyric Stating "High on a hill looking at a field downwind" Something tells me his ass won't see much of anything except tails.
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Good thing you both are married already...and your kids ain’t old enough or something. I gotta hear this stuff all the time between my wife and kids. Ain’t nothing worse then Christmas music though...