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Frost ?


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Somewhere OHIO
The old wives tale is: As soon as you hear the first cicadas it is only 90 days till the first frost. Over the past few years I have known about this I have noticed they are fairly accurate. The frost has come within a week before or after the 90 day mark on the calender. Just remember it doesn't have to be below freezing to frost :D.
Who all has had a light frost so far ? We should have had one here the other day but it was still raining and it didn't get a chance. The cicada said by Oct. 5th for us here so was just wondering if anybody has had any yet.


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Mahoning Co.
Nothing even close yet. Redcloud, that area around Mansfield for some reason seems like it's colder then a witch's tit. Full moons seem to increase the chances of a frost, the next is Oct. 23.