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Funny story about the previous 24 hours..


Junior Member
I figgered I would share my dumba$$ attack for the day as my first thread..

Lets start with a story...

My wife and I bought our dream home. Huge split level with room for a man cave, 3 1/2 car garage, pole barn, and 3 miles of river bottom access out my back door! I was/am in heaven!

Last night......
I walk in the house after work... 1145 ish at night.. I am greeted by the usual 27 lights, tv's, and any other electir appliance that could be left on.. ON.. and everyone in bed sound asleep.. Immediately I think brrrr, wow its chilly in here.. Being use to my wifes usual 900 degree temp settings..So I go to the thermostat and see its 63 degrees in the house..
Long story short.... APPARENTLY... one is required to monitor the level of propane in the big white tank behind the house!!

So, to prevent paying lord knows how much for an emergency delivery in the middle of the night.. I think, shoot, 63 aint bad.. We stay at our cabin in the winter in MUCH colder conditions.. So I decide it can wait till morning.. So a short time later, as I waived to the wife and kids as they pulled out of the drive to go to grandas where its warm.... I cozy up to the dog and watch tv..

I wake up @ 7am to call the co-op.. Its now 43 degrees in the house.. Now its cold..

So, we decide to just get half a tank for now with christmas so close.. $400 dollars later, the house is finally warmed up and all is well.. I did mention to the kids to not be surprised when they find a HUGE propane tank with a bow wrapped around it christmas morning.. lol

*** Disclaimer**
I have never lived anywhere I did not have electric heat, wood burner, and or columbia gas sending me a bill each month.. So my dunba$$ attack wasnt TOTALLY my fault.. lol
sounds something somewhat like my inlaws well not really but this will show you how much my inlaws like to waste money , they have a huge propane tank out behind theyre house filled it in the spring , baught an electric furnace this summer , now they have 1200 dollars worth of propane sitting in theyre back yard , i wish i could shoot it but they wont let me