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NE Ohio
He always mentioned that get together at Jim’s place. He enjoyed spending time with Jim’s dad and y’all….
I am truly saddened to read of his passing. That weekend Jeff and I hosted was my first meeting of him and I have treasured every conversation since. While the rest of us fished, Dad drove him around the lake in the golf cart exchanging story’s like old men often do. He worked on a couple of guys bows. The next day he enjoyed some shooting at the gun range. I dident always agree with him, but I always listened to what he had to say.

So much history he had seen over his lifetime. One of the fixtures of this site. I will miss him.

Rest In Peace Dan.
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NW Ohio
Some solid stories of Geezer. Met him at the BEC Shoot for the first time. Saw him one other time when we met for a Savage 220 purchase. His right eye was going away. He was switching to shoot left handed guns. Great man. He is the reason for a lot of the stuff we read here.

Dang. (In memory of Geezer saying it a lot.) RIP Dan.


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Licking Co. Ohio
Really sad to hear this. Geezer really was a great man and I feel fortunate to have known, met, and shared conversations with him through the years. We didn't see eye to eye on some things but that's what makes us grow as humans. I was thinking about him the other day and how unfortunate it was that he would likely pass in the years to come. I'll never forget what he said once when someone asked him to share some wisdom. He said "you don't know half the things you think you know". He really was a salt-of-the-earth individual.
That was me who asked him that..... His answer set me back to thinking for real.
You will not be forgotten.....RIP Buddy.
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