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Georgia Hunts


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I took off Friday with my 12 year old son and we headed to Georgia to hunt a friend's property. The section we hunted was a small portion of a 6000 acre section...needless to say, his family owns a lot of property. This is about 1/20th of the total...but, anyway...

4 hunts total...2 does in the cooler.

Hunt 1:
Evening sit on Friday. Temps were cool and 6 does came in early. I took a mature one right away with my .308 and knocked her down where she was standing. I decided to let things cool off a bit and see if a buck would come in. Sure enough a little 2.5 yr old, 6pt came in about an hour later. After munching on some food plot dessert he smelled the doe laying on the edge of the field. He ran over to her and stuck his nose in her butt. For the next 45 minutes he was knocking her with his antlers, rearing up and kicking her, backing up and ramming her, and was generally just frustrated as all hell that she wouldn't respond. It was a great show and my son just kept saying "shoot him, dad! That's a buck!" I let him know we were waiting on the big boys, but he was fired up about seeing all that...an awesome hunt. The hole that .308 put in her looked like someone blew her up with a grenade...good heavens that gun did some damage.

Hunt 2.- morning hunt...skunked...but, good for the boy to see that not every hunt is action packed...you better just like sitting outside for hours if you want to hunt;)

Hunt 3- 6 does poured into the field about an hour in. We let them stay there until last light just to see if there were any big boys around who were interested. There weren't, so we took one of them. She ran 10 yards and collapsed. The .308 completely obliterated her front shoulder. There was a hole the size of a baseball when we found her just off the field edge. It was a quick, clean kill.

Hunt 4- Sunday morning. The best for last. Just before daylight (in 28 degree weather) we heard a major crash about 50 yards behind the stand in the woods. A buck fight unlike anything I had ever heard ensued. Two titans went at it for nearly 15 minutes, but it was just too dark in the woods to see what was happening. But, you could here it clear as a bell. The leaves rustling, sticks breaking, antlers crashing...man, it was awesome. I said, "son, you know you don't get to hear this very many times in the woods, just listen and soak it in"...it was truly incredible. I could have got down from the stand at that point and been totally content. Over the next hour we saw 7 does come into the field. I decided I already had enough meat, so I wasn't going to shoot one, but would wait to see if either of those titans would come in to check out the ladies...well, about 15 yards to the right of the stand...as I turned to look, a big 8 (guessing about 135) caught me looking. He had snuck in so quietly and was just watching the field. As soon as he saw me move, he went bounding down the lane...my boy was saying "shoot him! shoot him!" Given it would have been a running shot to a deer facing directly away from me, I told him...I can't. It's not fair to that deer because it would be complete luck for me to hit him somewhere that it would kill him. A hunt I'll never forget.

It was an incredible 3 days in the woods.

Memories I'll take with me forever. Just me and my boy and big land full of deer. It was awesome. Just thought I'd share it with my TOO buddies...venison is on the way home...


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Kick ass dude.. Sounds like you had a good time hunting the pine forest ghosts.


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Sweet, sounds like a great hunt.

Also sounds like your boy got some great experiences - harvest, getting skunked, ethics, guttin and dragging - all good stuff.

Congrats, would love to see some pics :D


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I just found this thread. I have a lot of family in GA. and have hunted there alot. I have hunted in Jefferson Co. that is southwest of Augusta. My son now lives in Savanah so I will start visiting him and hunting down there.

Where in the state were you hunting?