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global warming

ok guys something has been bouncing around in my brain for awhile now about all this global warming , and our screwed up seasons. i have been looking back as far as i can remember on the winters and how they are changing and how snow is coming later and later in the year , what if its not the weather that is changing but our form of time , i notice that the dates change days every year , well what if we need to adjust our dates to coincide with the seasons, causeits not the seasons that are changing its the dates, for example feb 12 is a saturday this year but 5 years from now it maybe be a wed or thursday it moves up in date but not actual 24 hour days .when i was a kid some 25 plus years ago we used to have snow way before thanksgiving ,so giving the 25 years that have come and gone since then that mould move the first snow up 25 days later then when it was 25 years ago which is almost a full month which would put it around the time of shotgun season which is usually the same time of the first snow of the year (usually).we change our time to coincide with the seasons so why not change the dates to coincide with the weather changes .or am i just putting to much thaught into this and im blabbering off at the mouth and i think about stuff to much


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time is a set standard. Not set by us but by the universe. A day is the period it takes the earth to rotate 1 full turn on its axis. And a year the time it takes to make 1 revolution around the sun. Time can not change unless that changes. It can not change without disastrous consequences to life on earth.

global warming as its now called climate change is a hoax. It has been shown to be when that hacker released the email of the top climate change scientists showing that they were purposefully hiding data contrary to their opinion on climate change. They were rigging the numbers to show that it was ma man made event.

In reality the climate on earth has always been changing since the beginning of time. When the ice age ended. Did Crog say to himself. "Me find a more environmentally friendly way to burn fire in cave. I change climate too warm. Global warming bad.

Is the climate changing. Yep. Is that unnatural, strange, or caused by man... Nope.

I can only imagine what these fruit loops would have thought back when the countries of the world were one giant continent. And they started to split apart to form mostly what we see today.. "omg! The continents splitting. Maybe its because we move too much.. Everyone stand still forever"

Sounds ludicrous right. Well in 1000 years this climate Change crap theory of today will be laughable. Adapt. Its what humans and animals have done forever or they die off... If the continents split.. Build a fuggin ship. they make a big deal about how the polar icecaps are melting and threatening the polar bear. Save the polar near they cry.. Funny though. The polar bear is adapting just fine by itself.

Its all a big money grab bud. Some "smart" humans thinking they know shit when in reality they just as dumb as Crog was way back then compared to people of the future. Which is human adaptation in itself.


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Jackalope nailed it. Let's not forget about how many things in life are cyclical. Our weather is one of these things. Look at weather on the historical sense and you will find many things about it have been cyclical. You are what 25-35yrs old? If weather cycles run 30yr cycles, then you haven't even seen all of one yet that you can remember. Ever hear of a 100yr storm? Tell me it isn't cyclical. Just another thought about why the weather seems to be giving us snow at different times. I think it is safe to say you don't need to worry about our calenders and clocks being off.
i know , but every once inawhile i get this thaught it my head and it drives me nuts till i get an answer , but jack answerd it , once i get certian thaughts in my head i sit there and pick them apart or come up with different theories for why it happand or happens , jermiah is right i should stick to catfishing , and inventing things.......lol