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Go! Get! Shoo..


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Get you ass to the polls... Word on the street is we got em stompin and fetchin like their ass is on fire. We got em on the run boys. Go drive a nail in the coffin. This ain't about you.. This is about the people saying fuck you to politicians not listening to the people... If whoever gets in there plays the same old games, we'll do the same to them in 2-4 years.. The good news is they know that (i hope).. Not like these smug politicians that think their untouchable. Many of them are realizing by looking at turnout models they will be unemployed tomorrow.. To the new guy.. The same wave You rode in on will slam you to the reef if you don't listen... The road trip ain't over.. It's only the first turn..


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North Carolina
Haven't missed an election since 1980.. Even did the absentee a few times while oveseas... I know some people are a little salty about the system, but you owe it to yourself and your country to get out and vote.....