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Go Pens!!!


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
Anyone else a Pittsburgh Penguins fan around here?

They kickoff the season tonight with a tough game against the Red Wings at home. Watching Crosby and Malkin is like watching the old team of Lemieux and Jager when they won back to back cups in the early 90's. They also have one of the biggest dudes in the league, and an Ohioan at that, in Mike Rupp who is 6'5" 230lbs. Fluery is one of the best net minders in the game IMO. Not sure they can make another run at the cup this year or not, but they have the talent to do so!
Swanton, Ohio
I am not really very passionate about any sports or teams for that matter, just not my thing. I have been kind of a Wings fan since the McCarty days. I also liked that cokehead enforcer they had....I can't remember his name, just died this summer on a boating trip with his family...


Senior Member
Oh gosh how I could I forget? Not a hockey fan, but there's got to be something said about the dedication to Pens fans - they don't miss a game.

I'm typing this sitting a lecture wearing my Yankees shirt, happy that my team is 2 1/2 games up. :D