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Gobble gobble, one got shot in the waddles


*Supporting Member*
Although I rarely post much anymore, forgive me, life and business has overtaken the majority of my life. But i will say this hunt is one of the best/memorable hunts Joe and I have ever been on. All time highs to all time lows when it comes to turkeys, but some how we always pull something out our ass and make it work. Alot of teamwork was involved on this one, we threw everything we had at this bird...haint gobbles, yelps, cutts, purrs. I planted my ass while joe snuck away 60 yards in a creek line and drug this bird in for me on the sasquatch call. Ive read about this tactic multiple times since i was 14 years old and holy moley... 16 years later it worked. Very proud to have Joe as my turkey snatch'n buddy. The Majority of the years we have hunted together (8 years) we pre season planned executions and filled tags within a week, but good lord, the season of 2018 drug us through the mud. We adapted and hunted these fuggers down. I wont lie, Im exhuasted lol.