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Good Luck!


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Just wanted to wish y'all good luck in the woods tonight!

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Lots of chasing tonight around me. It basically started as soon as I climbed up. I had at least four different sets of bucks and does throughout the evening. The closest pair came by at about ten yards. They were moving way to fast for a shot. None of the bucks had racks, but they all had big bushy tails!

Oh yeah, I seen a doe deer at five behind me. I decided to stand and watch the chasing squirrels when a pair of them ran right past a doe. I never heard her walk in, and had no idea she was there.

She fed on acorns and never quite made it to one of my shooting lanes, had she I would have drilled her. I'm more than ready for some fresh meat! She fed her way out of danger without ever knowing I was there.

Ain't bow hunting the shit!:smiley_baseball: