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Google Earth...


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Sunbury, OH
I can't even go down far enough to see houses...ugh. Makes me remember how spoiled I am with this tech.


Huckleberry Finn

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Bing is good.

It's also good if you don't live in MoCo...still waiting for Google Earth to take the hedgerows out of the farm I hunt...that was only 5 years ago. Or maybe 6

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
I lied Beentown, I went to Google Earth and downloaded the latest client, and it is clear as a bell, down pretty far.

I've had the issues you described before in the past though. Mine has been updated in the last 3 years, because of the fire ring that I put in the yard after we moved in.


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The state just had fly-overs done this spring, so new ortho imagery should be available pretty soon. At least for counties that are keeping up with the times... I don't know about Morrow lol.

If you guys want decent aerial imagery, don't be afraid to download a free GIS program. Then go here. Download one of the MrSID files for your county. If the 6" resolution is available, go for it... If not, the 1' resolution isn't too bad.
I will eat crow on post 10 of this thread...MoCo around here is Morgan county which if you have been there.. im sure you will understand the post I made...Ya dont even have to have your plumbing inspected if you build a house there..And Huck it only takes 2yrs for the pony express to reach me with news NOT 3 ..An we cant get cable on my road(but you can 9/10th of a mile from my house)..


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N.E. O-H-I-O
Sometimes Google Earth automatically shows an old map for certain areas, and I don't know why. I click on the "show historical imagery" tab at the top and then move the slider to the most recent image.

Cotty, you may want to try this. I just tried it on the city listed in your location and I pulled up images from 6/4/2009.