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Got my first article published!

Here’s the rough draft I had a few revisions but this is the start!

Tag Soup
Ohio’s 4 day muzzleloader season is ending in about 4 hours and I still have a tag to fill. I already have a nice doe packed away in the freezer so I won’t go without and I know I have a few more weeks of bow left. The struggle to get up and freeze everyday is getting worse by the hour. The excitat the beginning of season has taken a sharp turn as deer aren’t as visible and bucks are hard to come by.
As I was sitting in my stand this morning reflecting on my season so far I realized I may not fill this tag but the stuff I gained from this tag was well worth it. I have learned it’s not all about filling at tag it more about enjoying the hunt. Enjoying the great outdoors that god has provided for us. Less time in front of of tv and instead watching the hawks sore or counting blue jays. If everyone could take a few days off and soak nature in at its fullest I believe the world would be a better place.
The first lesson I have learned is the valuable into to the world of the whitetail in my neck of the woods. I learned more about there late season patterns and preferred food sources. I scouted several acres hoping to bump one while I scouted. I found new rub lines and scrapes I never knew existed. I found a broken tine of an antler. And I found several new spots I thought would make great stand or blind locations.
Lastly I learned everything happens for a reason. What’s meant to be will happen if I’m to fill the tag I will of not I will enjoy my tag soup. I have seen deer every sit these last 4 days and have enjoyed every minute of it. So don’t get disappointed if you don’t fill a tag just enjoy life the way it was intended to be enjoyed. Relax in the woods and soak it all in. Lastly think of all the positives you can take away from the season.


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I will send ya some more stuff thru out the year to read and if you want you can publish them! I was amazed it was even in the paper honestly! Thanks for the offer tho!
I'll send you a PM tomorrow and we'll get you set up. On a yearly basis we have over 112k unique visitors & 13.5k return visitors. 57k of those are in Ohio and 98% are US-based.

If writing is something you enjoy it never hurts to get you name and samples of your work out there. You'll retain royalty-free full use copyright and redistribution rights to all your materials.

That goes for anyone wanting to write articles. Feel free to shoot me a PM.