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got the itch today.


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Crawford county
I went out this morning to pull my trail cams. what a great morning!
The place I have my cams is usually overrun with mosquitoes, today? not a single one.
the air had a crisp feel to it> it felt, smelt, looked and sounded like fall.
After I got my cams loaded up in my pack I couldnt help but pop a squat next to a tree and just "BE THERE".. you know what I mean?
I took a good sized fox squirrel, watched a hawk fly around...

I was wishing I took the time to throw on some camo and brought a climber so I could keep an eye out for the local deer population.:smiley_confused_sch

I gotta tell ya... I AM STOAKED!!!!


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Super Mod
North Central Ohio
I know what ya mean man. I hung my one stand yesterday and I had to just sit in it for about an hour and take it all in after I got it all done...what I wouldn't have given for it to be the 25th lol.


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Southeast Ohio
They make a cream for that, you know. Does the itch come with a burning sensation, possibly when you pee? If so, you need to see a doctor.

OH, the OTHER itch...

Yeah, weather sure was nice today. I've been pumped for fall for a good while now, so today didn't do much for me, especially since I spent the whole day in bed. One things for sure though, it won't be long and those leaves will be changing, the temp. dropping (for good), and those deer will start getting frisky.