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got the schnit scared out of me last night

o boy did i give the emt's a scare and visa versa, had a real bad dizzy spell out of nowhere , wife called the squad cause i couldnt stand up straight i just kept falling over everytime i stood up , it was like i was on a really very very good drunk , anyway , im sitting in the squad and i hear the emt calling for a life flight , i didnt think nothing of it till they described me as the patient, i start flipping out , they keep telling me calm down calm down calm down sir you just had a stroke , i yell a stroke , im only 30 why the hell am i having a stroke , well the decide to just rush me to stuebenville , the do a cat scan and hook me up to ekg , every things fine , just a real bad inner ear infection , so how the hell do they get a stroke out of a inner ear infection


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NE Ohio
You got lucky.
There was a 23 year old dealing w/ a stroke on the floor with my wife when she had hers at the age of 41 then again at 42. That kid (23 year old) lost use of her whole left side...They arn't just happening to "old people" any more. People in their 30'sand 40's and 50's get them too.


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North Carolina
Wow glad it was only the ear infection..... seen that after math of too many strokes lately and none of them good... the key is medication in the first hour unfortunately that ain't happening.....
thanks guys , yeah it gave me and my family a real scare , they told me i wasnt normal , cause the symptoms i was having matched that of a stroke , loss of energy , sky rocketed fever , disorientation , high pulse rate , i told them i was never normal , they gotta good kick out of that


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Central Ohio
Wow, glad to hear everything is alright!! Scary shit.

My guess is that they were thinking stroke because of the symptoms matching up, plus that's worse case scenario. If it was actually a stroke & they just blew it off thinking that it might be an inner ear infection, then things could've been much, much worse.


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Massillon, Ohio
Dude, my mom gets those all the time....Seems once you get em, you will get more. Same thing though, cant stand up, and gets all dizzy...Crazy stuff..

Glad to hear it wasn't that later though..


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Wood Co.
Glad you're OK. You can never be to careful with symptoms that match a stroke. I had a similar episode where I couldn't talk right. Turned out to be a migraine. No helicopter flight either.


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NW Ohio
Scary is right Mark. Glad you are okay. EMT's did right in their precautionary request of chopper it sounds. Of course they could have asked you to open your mouth and checked to see if you had control of your tongue or not. Often times a stroke victim cannot make their tongue do what their mind is telling it to do. Glad it wasn't a stroke. It is very similar with fire departments too. Call for more backup than you need. It is easier to have the backup on it's way and shut them down than to call for backup after it is too late. When I was an EMT we would call and put Lifeflight on alert as well as the ER if it was a serious trama. Probably just protocol for them if you are in a rural area and there were no paramedics on the squad.

Bottom line: Glad it was not a stroke and you are alright. Well, physically alright. We know you were always a bit off. :smiley_crocodile:
ive been a bit off since birth , just ask anyone who catfish's with me......lol my pretournament ritual is to bite the head off of a live creek chub and eat it, i dont eat em any more after the last time i got sick but i still bite the head off and put it on my hook


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Gods Country
Good to hear you are alright Mark. It sounds like the ear infection was causing some vertigo. Both my parents battle with vertigo and when it hits they are puking sick from the dizzyness. Hope it doesn't go any further.