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Grandson score's first bow kill

old hunter

Junior Member
My grandson got a decent 10 pt. Sunday morning with the bow. He is still bouncing off the wall. I have never seen him this happy.He is hooked for life.Got his first turkry last spring and a buck this fall. What a year. It is a buck Kaiser passed up last week. We made a mineral lick earlier this year and put up a stand,and a camera. It was the first deer we got on the lick, and the grandson said he was going to get him,and he did. It is at least a 4 year old. I couldn't be happier had I shot 200" deer. Austin (37).jpg[/ATTACH]

DJK Frank 16

Senior Member
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Hardin County
Tell your grandson congratulations!!! That is an awesome first buck and got it done with a bow to boot.. he will definately be hooked for life!


Senior Member
Here is a photo of the deer in august.

I knew he was a good mature deer when I saw him last wednesday. HE and another buck were together and he deff was the bully of the two. He had one heck of a stout body on him wit ha bog ol' romin nose! Glad to see Austin put his first archery buck on the ground! Def. a nice deer with tons of mass and character!


You know what!!!
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SW Ohio
Congrats to your grandson on a great bowkill! Kudo's to Zach for passing so's we got another bowhunter hooked! Thats what it's all about!