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Great weekend camping at yogi in the smokies

Had an awesome weekend at yogi campground with my wife and our little girl. We left the house around lunch which put us getting settled in around 1500. With that much daylight left I had to wet a line. Went to the river for about an hour and a half and was able to put 4 nice trout on the stringer and I lost 2 more keepers. One was around 17 inches and put up a nice fight. Came back to camp and my wife had a nice pot of chili bubbling. We polished off the evening enjoying smores by the very welcoming fire as it was pretty cool. Got started around 0630 on Saturday. My dad, sister, brother in law, and my niece came up to spend the day. The men folk headed upstream on the raven fork to do some more fishing and the women did their thing. We came back around lunch with another good mess of fish. I got them cleaned up and my wife pan fried everybody a nice mess of boneless skinless trout filets with coleslaw and corn on the cob. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the wonderful food. My daughter wanted to go help decorate the hey hey wagon and she had a great time doing so. She even got to ride it with yogi and Cindy bear. Its like Christmas for her to go up and see the bears. After that we went to the ice cream social and played some bingo where my daughter won the pot which consisted of about 15 candy bars......lucky me. Hamburgers on the grill finished off the day with the family departing back to the flat lands. Couldn't go to sleep without smores by the fire again. Weather was looking unfavorable so we packed up all the outside stuff and called it a day. Woke up Sunday morning to a good rain which didn't bother us. we hitched up and headed back to the house with hopes of coming back in two weeks. Thank you Lord for this time to spend with my family. Thank you for the mountains, the river, and all the joy of spring for what you have made is beautiful. Can't wait to get back at it and I hope you all have enjoyed the write up.
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Great write up Lackster. Absolutely love the Smokies. This section of the country is our favorite. Done a little trout fishing in those streams as well. Didn't have as much success. Caught one which was barely legal.