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ground hog in a tree?


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Have you guys ever seen a ground hog climb a tree? I was walking to my stand today and a ground hog ran out of the brush and then went up a tree. I couldnt believe it, I never knew they could climb. He went up about 12 feet in the tree and I took a few pictures, then he jumped out and ran down over the bank haha. Anyone else ever see them climb?



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Allen County
Welcome to Ohio Outdoors Forum! :smiley_bril:

Yep, seen them climb trees many times. They're part of the squirrel family (rodents), so it makes sense that they can climb. I've raised them as pets and they can climb nearly anything that they can get their claws/nails hooked into.

I took my brother bowhunting for g-hogs and he shot his first g-hog with a bow and it was in a tree. :smiley_blink:

I noticed that you're in Coshocton county. The g-hogs there are strange rangers. I was in the Woodbury Wildlife Area, hunting turkeys and seen g-hogs wondering around in the dark at 4:00 a.m. :smiley_chinrub: I found one sleeping on the double yellow line, just outside of Warsaw. I got out of my car, picked him up by the nap of the neck and all he did was growl at me. Nuts! I set him down in the ditch and he walked off into the dark. :smiley_armscrossed:

Never seen anything like that...out of g-hogs, anywhere else. They usually sleep at night.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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Somewhere OHIO
I have seen and shot a couple out of trees. The best one I ever seen was one that climbed up a power pole and hit the wires. His dead caucus hung there for more then a year :D.


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when i coon hunted , we treed quite a few ground hogs
Nothing burns me up worse than a dog treeing garbage. Well I take that back.. A lying dog treeing zeros is probably at the top of my list.. Either way that shit would have been fixed right now. Nothing a 2 foot section of water hose and staying in the box won't fix.