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Ground hog killing contest


Junior Member
Since I am the undisputed ground hog killing king :biggrin:, we need to have some sort of contest on here. You can kill them with any weapon (no trapping) and it will have to be on the honor system.

Chasing woodchucks is a lot of fun and can be challenging at times. I got 21 this year with the AR. Some of them were pretty easy, some, not so easy.

I did it for the fun and the farmer that I deer hunt on loves it when I kill them. They lose thousands a year from groundhogs alone.

Its a great way in farm country to get the edge and get the permission.

Maybe we can get the moderators to kick in a small prize for next year and have a little contest.:smiley_cheers:

Just thinking out loud about it right now.


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
We'll do one. Have a small prize for most kills and heaviest kill. I can't compete on the numbers, but I've killed some monster hogs in my day. That'll be my only chance to compete! :smiley_bril:


Active Member
Norton, OH
I missed one today with my bow... twice... for some reason I keep mis-judging the yardage, thinking something is 30 when it's 25 or 25 when it's 20. Gettin' close to them whistle pigs sure does get my blood pumping though! Time to throw the rangefinder in the bow case I guess....


*Supporting Member*
Massillon, Ohio
I missed the big boy last night, I ran from upstairs tot he basement, grabbed my bow, ran back up stairs, around the house, his head was behind the deck giving me a perfect broadside shot. moved upa little to shoot over the fence and he looked at me and went right down his hole. S.O.B. I will have him before the week is over!!!


Junior Member
So there I was. I saw the first one. It was on the neighbors property (I didn't have permission to hunt on). The second one was on the neighbors property to the other side (didn't have permission for that one either). I tried to wait for it to come across the property line. After about 10 minutes, it bolted into the weeds (good chance it got a whiff of me). So I walked up the drive once again. Looked down the hill and saw this sum bit**. Raised the gun, took off the safe, did a quick calculation to make sure I wasn't going to shoot the neighbors house, and squeezed the trigger. Bang! Then the crazy S.O.B. did a front flip.


*Supporting Member*
Crawford county
redcloud and I were looking for squirrels today and ended up scoring a whistlepig each. the one in the hole is mine, he brought his over before I could get a pic where it layed at.

shot himin the face as he poked his head out of his hole

I couldnt even see the other one but redcloud picked him of from about 50 yards