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Groundhoggin 2011


Junior Member
Is under way!! :pickle:

I had some things that needed done yesterday but I decided to blow them off til I can get to them again. I asked Diane if she was ready & she just looked at me with that,, "AM I READY??" look.

We stopped by a couple hay fields closer to home 1st. We gave each of them a thorough once over before heading to the next one. Then on our way to a different farm we stopped at the middle field just for the heck of it. We sat there about 15 minutes when I looked up on the hill & there he was. #1!!

We got a video but the wind was blowing the camera too bad & it turned out blurry. Diane's 1st of the year with the 221FireBall at about 100yds +/-.

We then went up over the hill & waited for about 45 minutes with no starry eyed hogs to show for it then left for the other farm. Just as we pulled up to the gate I seen 1 setting up looking. I had Diane get ready & I set up the camera. He wouldn't come back out. As we sat there waiting I said,, "Wouldn't it be neat if that groundhog came back out & crawled up on the hay bale?". To which she replied "YEP". Well before he came back out another one sat up to our right at about 200yds. He was in the shadow of the old barn & Diane couldn't find it in the scope. So we traded, I shot & missed. Then at the same time we said,, "That groundhog is on that round bale!!" So I swung around & let 1 fly!! Well actually 2 but just 1 was needed. The 2nd one. rotflmao

Click this pic for video.

On the way out the Farmer didn't know we were back there & left his truck at the gate. I went in the barn & talked to him for a few minutes & looked at the calves & the calf that had just been born that AM. I went out to get Diane to take some pictures & she was gone. And so was the M2. So I grabbed the 5MM & headed out back to a log pile where the Farmer had just seen a groundhog. Then I heard a pop & a few minutes later I seen Diane grabbing the camera.
Her handy work.

Hope you enjoyed out outing!! :smiley_bril:


Junior Member
You're Welcome guys. And it was our pleasure to make the video & share our hunts together. Work finally picked up here & the days are looong so I'm having a tough time keeping up with all the boards I visit. Hopefully Sunday afternoon once the rains drive on outta here we can go smack a couple more hogs for all to see. :smiley_coolpeace:

Huckleberry Finn

Senior Member
That's very cool man, thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to more!

Yesterday when I went turkey scouting I almost brought the .22 pistol. Ended up not, and of course I had a pup chuck flaunting on top of a junk pile 25 yards away. Thanks buddy, I'll kill ya before the beans come up :)


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Sunbury, OH
Went shed hunting/scouting/nature walk/hog hunting today and didn't see any. I had some 180 grainers ready.


DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Took a little ride last night and found a couple hogs that are holing up in a bean stubble field that I have permission for. May have to do a little stalk on them this weekend if the weather is nice!