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Group Think


Senior Member
Just got out of a another meeting and I've got to bitch. :smiley_breakdance:

How often in the 'real world' do you guys see Group Think? If you don't know what I'm talking about, you are probably one of the people that are duped into it and participate - shame on you! It can happen anywhere, someone proposes a new idea and everyone jumps on it (often those that have the least amount of skin in the project or would have to do the least amount of work...) and talks it up, and wants to put it in place. Without considering the consequences, any feasibility of the idea, or thinking about both sides of the argument. Because this person proposed the idea, we've got to do it - we can't make them mad, there's no way that we would say/vote against it .... we're all together on this! There is nothing wrong with consensus- but there is everything wrong with reaching a decision solely upon consensus.

I'm pretty sure that this is how the Democrats work and every time I see it in a student organization, church, academic setting, etc...it just pisses me off!

Drop your balls, speak up for the originality, conserve original intentions, and don't make a decision just because 'everyone' wants to do it- they don't think, they just agree.

Ticks me off. I enjoy being the minority dissenter and it's become my trademark to wear boots - "I don't give a damn, but these boots aren't my $h!t boots, so back down sister."

(I think I'm done now...)



Senior Member
Hahahaha, thanks JJ

Took the greatest life advice in the world [there is a thread there] and took a nap. I wasn't laying down 20 minutes and I got a call (that's what voicemail is for) and just listened to the longest, most apologetic message about being wrong, apologizing for being hostile, etc etc etc.

Glad that when given time the right people can come to better conclusions, even without further prodding.


Dignitary Member
Shermans Dale, PA
I live in a very critical and harsh world. If you have an ideal you had better have thought it through five or six chess moves ahead. The folks like you mentioned don't usually last very long. They usually end up with not so important jobs like the guy in charge of passing out basketballs at the gym.