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Guess what


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Recently packed up the truck after a weekend of hunting and started the drive home...almost a 2 hr drive...started smelling something and I'm like "Did I shit my pants? No, that's not me..." then remembered seeing a pile of dogshit in the drive....had to keep the window cracked all the way....and of course my boots got nice deep tread....dang:mad::smiley_breakdance::smiley_asswhip::rolleyes::rolleyes::smiley_blablabla:


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Sure, blame it on the dog.



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Gotz poop on muh shoe
I can smell it
So can you
So what do i do
I try to wipe it
but its soakin thru

Gotz poop on muh hand
I can smell it
So can you
So what do i do?

I'll leave the rest up to you!:smiley_carnaval:
the chick i work with said , i will water your dogs hoot . she did today and when she got in the truck i said damn woman you should go wash your ass . she realised what we were smelling . she steped in dog shit .. lol. damn was she pissed , she said my dogs could die of thirst befor she would water them again . i told her to relax . i said you need to look for dog shit with your dominate eye.