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Gulf Stream Tuna

Eye Spy

Junior Member
Willard, OH
Cam was able to make his first trip to the Gulf Stream yesterday and the tuna were hungry! After a 2 hr boat ride the kite went into the air and we hooked a double within the first 10 minutes. We put 2 more in the boat shortly after and then the kings of the ocean showed up. Sharks ate our next 3 tuna forcing us to pull in the kite and move. After getting everything back in the water; all hell broke loose as we hooked 6 tuna at the same time! We were very lucky to put 5 of the 6 in the boat (sharks got one). We ended the day with 3 more in the box and gave 5 more to the sharks. At the end of the day, we boated 12 tuna’s and lost 9 to sharks. Cam loved every minute of his first of hopefully many tuna trips! We ended up with just shy of 500 lbs of tuna!