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Headed out in the moring...


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Southeast Ohio
I can't take it any longer. I get off work at 0630 and I'm headed straight to the wood. Gotta be back at work at 1830, so I'm probably only sit for 3 or 4 hours. All the big bucks dropping the past couple days has me itching to get out there, and I'm willing to sacrafice some sleep to do it. It will be daylight, but I'm gonna shower up and grab the Millennium/LW combo and head for the creek bottom behind the house. The last couple times I've hunted, I've had the does skirt me at 50y using a creek crossing to my north, so I'm going about 150y north of that stand and hanging. Hoping to catch this guy slipping through behind a doe. He's not a monster, but I'd be happy to put his head on my wall.


Good luck today to all who head out!
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Somewhere OHIO
Good luck Greg. That buck will work just fine buddy just look at those g-3's on that brute.

Good luck to you as well J.

May the bucks play nicely and the arrow fly true fellas :D.


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You can sleep when you are dead! Just make sure that you're extra safe when you're sleep deprived. Tie in tight in case you take a nap.

Shoot straight


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So yer in the woods right now and I'm at my desk and jealous:smiley_arrogant:

But I hope you stick somethin, let us know..good luck!:smile:
My thoughts exactly! Wish I could do this...:smiley_acold:
Who invented work?!?!?

Being a teacher is nice and all with the summers off, but I'd rather go in the summer and have November off.

Hope ya had a good hunt this morning!