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I hunted Delaware a bunch back in the day. It’s a great spot that can be tough but it definitely holds deer. Study your maps and you’ll find some really good spots. Be prepared to hike a bit and you’ll be golden, there’s lots of private AG that borders it. DON’T go the weekend of the pheasant release though 😱🤣


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Centerburg, Ohio
I've never hunted public land but really admire anyone that can do it and be successful. Lots of challenges. Something I've always seen here on threads like this is to go as far away from parking access as you can to get away from all the lazy hunters. Makes a lot of sense to me. Good luck!
Licking Co.
I used to bow hunt at Alum and in Delaware Park back in the late 80's and early 90's. shot a pretty nice buck at Alum in 1996. was good hunting back then. got to be too many hunters for me and I stopped hunting both. both are over run with hunters now, especially Delaware Park. you might have some peaceful hunting in the park in late season on weekdays, but you'll have to jockey for position from mid October until gun season.

canoeing to hunt north of 36/37 is a very good idea. I've considered doing it for squirrel hunting with my dogs. no other reasonable access, but there is a good chunk of ground on the east side of the lake with lots of pinch points at the back of all of the coves. I used to walk in there from the end of Haverlo Rd and squirrel hunt back in the 80's. can't park there anymore, though.
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The real question is: Figureatively speaking, if someone were to shoot a deer and pull it back to car/truck on a tube behind their kayak would that person need a spotter to make sure the tuber doesn’t fall off??🤷🏼‍♂️😂