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hey jesse i see your buck

this is a nice lookin buck you got there


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North Central Ohio
Good catch the UK.

I do believe that is his wife's buck. She said if Jess shot it she was kickin his redneck ass :smiley_boxing: :smiley_blackeye:


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
We have about a 1% chance of killing that deer. (I know, it violates my 50/50 law, but I'm a realist in this case.) This deer is never going to be on our land in shooting light. Too much human activity to encounter on the way to us. He'd have to be super hard up for food or poon and the desire for poon is running low.

I am however, making a plan for killing him next year. I need some good luck just to get the permission, but I'll do what I can!