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How far away do you set up ?

Got to talking with a co worker today about how far away we set up from the trail or bait

Got me thinking and wondered what preferred distance others set up
I know sometimes you have to set up closer or farther away due to lack of suitable trees or to thick of cover

But how far away is your preferred distance



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North Central Ohio
I have been lucky so far and most of my stands are only 15 - 20 yards off the travel trail. The reason I do this is because some of the deer walk straight down the trail and yet others stay about 10 yards off the trail to one side or the other so it still leaves me a great setup for both instances.

I have never hunted over bait until this season so I don't have much experience but from what I have seen I would setup about 50 yards or so on a trail leading to the pile. I'm sure some others on here could better advise you and myself on this one.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
15-20 is ideally where I like to be. I will setup 25 or 30 if I have to, but usually steer away from having to shoot that far if possible.


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NE Ohio
15-20 for me also. At that distance, my chance of getting busted is from 50-25 yd on the way in. They almost never look up that high(once in/under me) as they are mostly looking out.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
As I was pondering this thread and my setups, I have one more early season anterless tag to fill, then my last regular tag. If I get my anterless permit filled before the 28th when it expires, i'm going to spend my time in the late season trying to harvest my last doe of the season with my recurve.

Never been able to get it done, but in this situation I move my setups into about 8-10 yards. My first will probably be off a corn pile when snow is on the ground, just because I want them point blank and stopped before I let a cedar fly. Also I won't get as high in the tree with my recurve either just becuase I don't like a steep angle when using the stick and string, but that's just personal preference.
No more than 15 to 20 yards, for baiting....depending on other issues. :smiley_chinrub:

However, after HuntNWOHIO mentioned using traditional equipment...that would change everything and under those circumstances I'd want to be as close as possible.

Another thing that would alter the set up, is the type of trees available and/or how open or brushy the surroundings. I'm currently facing an issue with a big timber area that is very open, with a lot of big trees and it's difficult to be inside 20 yards without getting "picked off" by deer.

I'll take distance over height. Too much height will alter the ability to hit both lungs.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57