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How I felt the day I lost me White Privilege

My personal response to the vilifying of Dr. Seuss:

Mass unemployment to be fought, homelessness, hurting vets who ail,
Yet liberal do-gooders focus on plastic potatoes, and putting truth sayers in Facebook jail.

For decades upon decades many things were accepted, lauded, seen as good,
Now political correctness denies scientific genders, removes statues of heroes, and applauds burning and looting your own neighborhood.

I want no part in the madness, no part of the sadness
I want back common sense, and fewer leaders straddling every fence.
I want no big government controlling my day to day life,
I demand representation and not personal, political greed which currently is rife.
I don’t care what other’s do, just let everyone be
I'm not hateful when I say my wife is a she or I don’t accept that you identify as a tree.

If you want to be a cactus, a cat or a llama
It’s not scientific, it’s your own personal, emotional drama.

Don't tell me it's your body, not the life of an unborn,
Then force me to take a vaccine, for the health of others, you warn.

White and black had no problems with Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, or Dr. Seuss for eons,
Now everything must be cancelled due to the intellectual ignorance and shallowness of millions.

If you can’t go an hour without being a victim, offended, or triggered,
Maybe you should start looking for the good, and be something bigger.
If you think all the racist, hateful pollution comes from them them them,
You’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the P-R-O BLEM.