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how long have you been hunting.


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Got an idea for a new TOO slogan. But I need you guys help for the number. Here's what in thinking. Or a variation thereof.

Over ZZZ years of deer hunting knowledge.

since I can't get everyone to respond ill prolly just take the average of all responses and multiply by active members.

Personally I've been at it for 21 years now.


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20 years come opening day of gun season this fall. It was a casual thing until 2004, been a passion ever since then. But I haven't missed a gun opener in 20 years. It's what sparked the first flame inside me...
I hunted small game occasionally back in my teens(mid 1990s)..But only deer hunted since 2008 an been shooting an trying to tune compounds since 2007..1st season i thought i could walk around an sit on a log once in awhile(didnt work)..I have grew more patient every season..I have had zero 1st hand help..It has been more difficult then i imagined at first...Keep a eye out for a few blogs i plan to start.One will be based on trying to overcome whatever the fugg is making me shoot like crap an the other will be ..The making of a successful bowhunter..