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How to ruin a "hunting" dog...


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I know what you mean Jesse.. My dog always uses a pillow as a pillow.. Creeps me out actually. Dang Basset hound is the laziest SOB i've ever seen. LOL


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NW Ohio
Brutus (our boxer) is certainly no hunting dog, but has the best bark I have ever heard. If someone wants to break in after hearing his bark, then I know I will be squeezing the trigger on them. Hank (our German Short Haired Pointer) has a 10x30 kennel off the barn. He has a straw pillow. lol He loves the water too, and does a pretty good job of retrieving. I have worked with shed antlers, and recently started working scent trails. Hope he pans out as a good blood tracking dog. He has the nose for it, but it is too early to tell. I think when he follows the first blood trail to a deer and figures it out, the training will click for him a little more. Might need to start throwing some raw deer meat out in the kennel every so often to get him hungry for it since deer season is approaching! haha