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Hug on them kids and tell em you love em!


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SW Ohio
A friend of mine that I work with was just walking out his door yesterday afternoon when two State Troopers pulled up in his drive to tell him his daughter was killed in a traffic accident. She was a bright 19 year old Kent State attendee on her way home to visit her father for a week over spring break. She was hit in the drivers side by a guy who loss control of his big cargo van as she was leaving the rest stop on I-71 on the south bound side near the Jeffersonville Outlet Mall. He was heading north when he tried reaching for his cell phone charger and loss control and crossed over the median and all 3 southbound lanes and grassy area before striking her vehicle. The story is in todays Columbus Dispatch and on the 10tv website. This really hit home for me because I often ride into work with him and we always talk about our girls. He had one daughter and one step daughter and I have two as well. Rachael, the one who was killed, was his LIFE, his pride and joy! He was proud of the fact she was going to KS to become a teacher for handicapped children. Now his baby is gone! I was like numb zombie at work this evening worried about my friend and how he is going to get through this. I called my wife and talked to my girls(like I always do) but tonight it was different. I was hanging on their every word, soaking it all in, as if nothing else matters. Please send your thoughts and prayers to my friend Don(Woody) Woodruff and may you and your families be safe tonight and everynight. Rest In Peace Rachael


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North Carolina
My worst nightmare would be what your friend is going through...... hope your friend can get through it a lot of people don't.... prayers sent for the family.....


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Central Ohio
Thoughts and prayers will go out from the Curran house to your friend & his family, as well as for you too. My wife & I saw that story on the news last night before we turned in. I can only imagine how difficult something like this would be.


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Mahoning Co.
I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach reading this. So tragic, so sad!

I will pray for the girls friends and family and especially her parents.
wow , this litteraly made me ill , i have 3 daughters of my own , and would go insane if anything happend to one of them , my thaughts and prayers go out to you and dons family in this tragic time , but just think of it this way god has a new angel to help him in heaven now


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Gods Country
I will be sure to keep Woody and his family in our prayers. Everyday is truely another oppertunity to cherish the lives we have been blessed with.


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A close friend of mine lost his mother on Sunday and it too was unexpected. (Bloody Nock on here.) Been a rough week for many of folk. My thoughts and prayers go out to Don and his family. That's one of those stories that makes your stomach roll over. Sounds like the world was benefiting from her presence here. I'm sure she'll be a welcome sight at the Pearly Gates.


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North Central Ohio
I seen this story last night as well. First thing I thought of was WHY. Stupid things that didn't have to happen to such a young person just minding their own business driving down the road. Such a sad and needless tragedy.

Thoughts and prayers to family and friends and TOO you as well FS.


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NW Ohio
I had to blink back the tears as I read this one. I would be devastated if I lost a child. I am so sorry to hear this Ric. Prayers to the friends and family.


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Sunbury, OH
Prayers sent. Tough to swallow even reading it. I had Daddy Day at my daughters pre-school this morning and couldn't imagine...



The Crew
Prayers sent to the family for their loss, and to you and your family as well.

My daughter is living in Florida with her grandmother, I worry about them all the time.
We just found out this morning that one of my daughters classmates was killed in Afganistan.
I do not mean to take away from the basis of this tradagy, but in these times there are so many who need prayer and comfort from family and freinds.


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wow , this litteraly made me ill , i have 3 daughters of my own , and would go insane if anything happend to one of them , my thaughts and prayers go out to you and dons family in this tragic time , but just think of it this way god has a new angel to help him in heaven now

I had a friend in HS that graduated a year ahead of me. He was playing D1 baseball at the Citadel and was home for the summer. One week before he was going back for his sophomore year he was killed in an auto accident here on a back road (no alcohol involved). UglyKat, your line about the angel reminded me of something his dad told me at the funeral. I couldn't even speak or look him in the eye. He hugged me and He said, "God must've been having a ballgame up there and he needed a ninth player."
I never forgot that. They say God has a plan. I guess that was his dad passing that message on to me.
Anytime we lose a young one... Well it's tough to imagine what that plan is.
I can't stop thinking about this tragedy. Very sad...