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Huhh?? (head scratcher)


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Crawford county
Here's one for ya'

About 7 or 8 months ago I filled out paper work to purchase a remington 700. I was denied. I was'nt sure why since I havent had any trouble buying firearms in the past so I went through the appeals process. After jumping through the hoops, filling out the papers, submiting finger prints. I finally got a response this week.
The appeal was denied because of 2 charges. One was a domestic violence charge from 2001 that was dismissed when the court determined that she fabricated it in an attempt to get ammunition in a custody case. The second was a dui from 2004. 7 years since I had any trouble. I have purchased a 12 guage, a .22, a 30-30, and a .40 handgun since then, but now I am not allowed to buy a rifle.
I ended up selling the handgun but would still like to replace it, and I would still like a bolt action rifle. Nothing says I cant try again.


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The feds have really cracked down on checks since the whole democrat getting shot in the noggin thing. If the DV was dismissed and found unsubstantiated it shouldn't prohibit you from purchasing a firearm... If the DUI was a misdemeanor it to shouldn't stop you..