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Hunting unfavorable weather

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker
Me too! Slow steady drizzle and fog are absolutely the best time to hunt. I've slipped up on and taken several nice deer at that time. Looking back over the years though, my most successful day is Wednesday for harvest. But the absolute best day to hunt is always today and the 2nd best day is tomorrow.

For fishing though the best day of the week is always yesterday, as in it's slow today but you should have been there yesterday!

A good fishing buddy of mine and I have been known to shut off an entire chain of lakes just by showing up to fish...
Incidentally thanks to all my TOO friends for the birthday wishes, but it was yesterday. I gave you a good half hour notice last night at 11:30pm but you all were busy I guess...
Besides I didn't want to take away from the very special birthday boy BIG HOLLA! Happy 51st to you! You are now officially over the hill and picking up speed that old fat guy with grey hair ahead of you (and well down the hill) is me!


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Is it worth it? I don't normally hunt when the wind is over 20 mph or when it's raining. Today and tomorrow it's doing both. I was planning on trying to get a deer on the ground this weekend...but I don't want to further disappoint myself. At the very least I'm gonna go glass fields at last light.
So make sure you post the outcome, i wanna hear what happens
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Allen County
I don't hunt deer in the rain, period...with a bow. 🚫 I watch the weather forecast before going out and the radar on my phone, while I'm out there.
Hunting with a weapon that kills by way of hemorrhage, all the while knowing the blood trail is being "erased", makes no sense to me. :unsure:

I'll hunt deer during the rifle season, while it rains/snows/blowing winds, due to the limited time of that particular season. I'll hunt waterfowl in the worst rainy conditions. All other critters will "stand by" until the rain stops. High winds won't stop me from hunting anything.



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Allen County
The above video is hardly a comparison of anyone hunting "IN" the rain. He was in a hard-sided elevated blind.
Probably had a heater and wifi too. :rolleyes:
Hunt in the rain if you like, but I'll pass. 🚫 It's Ohio, not the Pacific Northwest with continuous rain days.



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If I'm closing the gap on figuring out a big deer, and it's raining, I'm hunting.

If I'm on a rut-cation, and it's raining, I'm hunting.

If rain is what I need in order to make an aggressive move on a particular big deer, I'm capitalizing on the rain.

Same if it's windy.

I don't "enjoy" hunting in the rain... But I'm not scared of it either. That's why I own top quality gear and shoot my bow thousands of times. It's not for the blue sky sunshine slam dunk scenarios.


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Licking Co.
X2. hunt when you can or when you "have" to. weather be damned.

how many of you actually practice in the rain? wearing rain gear? with wet feathers and bowstring? in the bitter cold and wind wearing bulky cold weather clothing and frozen fingers? I don't know about everything else, but shooting a traditional bow is different/harder with bulky clothes on, but it can be done with some practice and good fitting gear.


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I prefer a constant sustained signal directional stiff wind and a not so bad rain to be quite honest. Not that I wish to dish out any of my secrets or anything, but hunting in not so ideal weather that I know most won't, I will take full advantage of that, cause a smart buck I believe knows that too.

Like I said, I've nailed good bucks in shitty conditions more than once. Deer have a harder time seeing, smelling, hearing and that rain smell, I use it for good cover scent, along with all the other smells that typically explode from within the woods during a good rain.

As far as gear goes, I have everything I need to hunt in any weather condition, that is why I bought them, so I can hunt in not so ideal weather conditions and deal with those elements.

As far as shooting any of my weapons, I have a home range, so I practice often, even with my mobile systems on my back, in wind, fog, rain, snow and obviously cold and warm sun days.

The only real shitty weather that may keep me stuck in the workshop for the day, are massive all day down pours, or 25+ mph all day winds, or sever weather, such as heavy hail, thunder & lighting, and perhaps real heavy, heavy snow or blizzard type conditions.

Other than that, you will see and hear me in the woods, huntin.
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