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HuntNWOHIO - Name Change

DJK Frank 16

Senior Member
Supporting Member
Hardin County
Alright guys, with some helpful assistance from Joe, I finally got around to getting my name changed on here to something that reflects a little more than just the area that I hunt! :smiley_bril:

DJK Frank 16 - This username is a little more personable and reflect my initials "DJK" my nickname since childhood "Frank" and my HS Baseball number "16".



Super Moderator
Super Mod
Somewhere OHIO
I seen you reply on a thread as I was checking back and forth quickly this afternoon and I was setting here scratching my head. I was looking at the avatar and I knew who it belonged TOO and post count and then finally the join date saying WTF is that. I don't remember anybody by that name and I'm sure I would have seen it with that many post counts by now lol. Then it clicked a little while later lmao.