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I have turkey hunting


Dignitary Member
Shermans Dale, PA
Actually I don't, but I find it to be frustrating at times.

I was in Johnstown over the weekend and hunted Friday and Saturday. I didn't see or hear anything on Friday, but Saturday I called in a Jake. He was gobbling his head off the whole way too. I honestly didn't have any expectations of killing a bird this weekend. I mainly wanted to get familiar with a few new properties for deer season.

IRT PA hunting, I've had a good year. Every hunt I've come close, but the bastards keep hanging up. That Jake did the same thing when he saw my decoy. I got to thinking that might be the problem because it's a lighter brown. I repainted it last night with some oil rubbed bronze and copper spray paint I had left over from a recent home project. I have to admit it turned out pretty darn good and looks way more realistic. I guess Saturday will be the true test.... LOL