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I Know Santa killed Rudolf


Ragin Cajun.
Well I got the short and dirty and not much else so here goes. After he got back from Illinois he was home for a few days. I left for the camp for primitive hunt and he rolled out to a friends farm to primarily duck hunt. Couple days before Saturday he went scouted a wma. Said he jumped a doe, small buck and a stud….said probably 150. Woods are kinda open, so I told him to try to find some downed trees or edges of thickets. He jumped them out of a down tree. Now today, after he duck hunted, he said he was going to pull cams to see if he had anything worth hunting. Said he walked almost 3.5 miles and was headed back to the truck when he jumped a small buck in the same treetop. The small buck blew at him and he looked to the right 30 yards away and there he stood. Blew at him and ran off to about 60 yards away. He went after the buck and the buck was kinda circling around. He grunted at it and said he went after him. Said he made a big circle w Hunter following it. He was at 70 yards and behind a big tree. Pulled back and the deer made a few steps and let it fly. I know what your thinking…..70 yards? I thought the same thing. Said it hit him in the shoulder and deer took off spraying blood. A minute later Hunter picked up the blood and he was dead 80 yards away. Crazy hunt for sure.


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