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I miss it...


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This morning reminded me of one of those early fall mornings. The leaves just beginning to change, a light frost on the ground and the trees, a slight fog hovering overhead...
I could see myself in a treestand watching deer as steam blew from their noses. Man, do I miss it.


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I thought the exact same thing, it just felt like hunting weather. Even saw some deer in the cornfeild across the road from my house. Made my eye twitch lol


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Turkey season is nothing but an excuse to scout for deer, look for sheds, find mushrooms, take naps when the sun starts to warm your face, while carrying a shotgun! Fugg turkeys!!! I want to stick a Slick Trick in a deer's ribcage damnit!!! :smiley_depressive:


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NW Ohio
I should have been home working on my taxes, but. . . I got the kids off to school this morning and headed to the woods. Must have just been in the air today. I did it on a whim. Pulled the ground blind out of there, did a little scouting/shed hunting, took a look at what was coming up in the food plots, and changed trail camera cards (and moved one camera). Yep. This morning was awesome. The weather today was awesome!


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Central Ohio
I've been dying to get back in the woods. I've been so busy with work, and catching up on stuff around the house that I've only been out once to pull a stand and look for some sheds. Saturday is looking more promising though, got a few things to do in the morning with the family, then my son & I should be out for a few hours of fresh air. Man do I need it.